Friday, March 15, 2019

CAD Housing Bubble -vs- CAD Precious Metals

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The housing market in Canada has been booming for many years, a recent article from the Wolf Street blog explains the data:

Here are the results in the major cities of Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal, from:

Jan 2002 to July 2018 respectively in CAD:

Vancouver:  316%
Toronto:  218%
Montreal:  158%

The article discusses the purchasing power of CAD compared to asset purchases. Now let's compare how the precious metals market did over the same period in CAD. The key thing to remember; COST of OWNERSHIP, of a house compared to precious metals. Precious metals have no property tax or utility bills, or mortgage interest, but you cannot live in precious metals either, I get it, and there are many other factors to consider between the two assets, but...

*This is just for comparison purposes, to show how the purchasing power of CAD is affected in different markets, not investment advise.

Jan 2002 to July 2018 in CAD:

GOLD:                350% 
SILVER:             297%
PLATINUM:      147%
RHODIUM:       213%

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Ledgermatix Press Release

March 7, 2019


Central Metals Corporation Launches a Digitally Encrypted Fintech Platform Pegged to Gold.

Windsor, Ontario, CanadaCentral Metals Corp. (, a Windsor based gold dealer, has launched a one-of-a-kind fintech platform called Ledgermatix. The platform allows its global clientele to settle transactions based on gold encrypted digital ledgers, “it’s like a hybrid gold standard for the digital age,” says Bosko Kacarevic, President and Founder of the company. The system operates in collaboration with the company’s global network of business partners. The company allows qualified gold clients to receive instant credit on a gold linked credit card, without actually selling their physical gold on account. It gives clients 30 days to choose -- pay their credit card bill with gold, or use traditional currency. Kacarevic says it’s a great way for people to manage the adverse effects of global currency fluctuations, since gold is inversely correlated to almost every currency around the world.

In addition to the gold-pegged credit card platform, and more importantly, Ledgermatix allows for the private placement of alternative investments on a peer-to-peer closed loop network. “It’s similar to the blockchain—only better,” says Kacarevic. The platform incorporates a time-stamped encrypted audit trail of every transaction and title ownership of each asset is guaranteed, it’s like a digital fingerprint on every trade. The database architecture is stored on highly secure bank-grade servers to ensure data integrity, and the comprehensive record keeping system is customized to enable the transfer of both; gold-pegged securities or traditional securities. “The system actually allows corporate securities to be issued with gold backing or not,” says Kacarevic. Transactions booked on Ledgermatix are not just digits floating in the black-hole of cyberspace, but cryptically recorded and regulated trades on an industry approved platform, with a proven track record of success. Kacarevic says the platform combines the best of two worlds, beginning with the sophisticated technology for the encryption of trade records, and ending with, good old-fashion compliance and customer service with real people.

Seems like Ledgermatix is the medium of exchange “Gold-Bugs” have been waiting for, since President Richard Nixon closed the gold window fifty years ago. So, dust off your gold in storage folks, and compete in the global payments system. After all, wasn’t “gold in circulation” the whole point of the gold standard anyway? 

About Central Metals Corp. (
A privately held Canadian company focused on providing world class precious metals solutions for its global clientele. The company was founded in 2010 by Bosko Kacarevic, who has over 14 years professional experience in the financial services industry -- specializing in commodities. It’s a family owned business guided by principles of ethical standards, including duty of care, trust, fairness and discretion.