Friday, March 15, 2019

CAD Housing Bubble -vs- CAD Precious Metals

Dear readers,

The housing market in Canada has been booming for many years, a recent article from the Wolf Street blog explains the data:

Here are the results in the major cities of Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal, from:

Jan 2002 to July 2018 respectively in CAD:

Vancouver:  316%
Toronto:  218%
Montreal:  158%

The article discusses the purchasing power of CAD compared to asset purchases. Now let's compare how the precious metals market did over the same period in CAD. The key thing to remember; COST of OWNERSHIP, of a house compared to precious metals. Precious metals have no property tax or utility bills, or mortgage interest, but you cannot live in precious metals either, I get it, and there are many other factors to consider between the two assets, but...

*This is just for comparison purposes, to show how the purchasing power of CAD is affected in different markets, not investment advise.

Jan 2002 to July 2018 in CAD:

GOLD:                350% 
SILVER:             297%
PLATINUM:      147%
RHODIUM:       213%